Emery Energy Company

(Laramie, Wyoming )

Gasification Plant

12" pipe spools for alternate fuel gasification pilot plant - Unlike combustion processes, gasification is an oxygen-starved process that converts solid fuels (biomass, coal, etc.) into gaseous fuels (Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide). Gasification is uniquely capable of producing not only heat and power, but also can be used with downstream catalysts to convert the syngas to liquid fuels and chemicals (diesel, ethanol, methanol); and, to hydrogen gas for fuel cell applications. When using biomass feedstocks, which are considered carbon-neutral (i.e. no net added carbon emissions), gasification technology can concurrently mitigate wastes (i.e. municipal, industrial and agricultural) while producing renewable energy. When using coal feedstocks, gasification technology can achieve greater efficiencies compared to combustions processes while removing trace contaminants from the gas prior to combustion of the syngas